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Portfolio 2022

Social Oriented Project

Hello, I am Roberta. Welcome to my portfolio website. I am completing my BA in Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. I am enthusiastic about art and design. My objective is to explore different cultures, exchange my ideas and utilize my creative skills in design fields. You can contact me via Linkedln if you are interested in my work or have an exciting opportunity you want to share.

Below is a short list of my work : ]

Social Oriented Project


Homeless Shelter

2013 | Kraft Paper | 1200 x 2400 x 1000 mm

This creation is a foldable shelter for homeless people, which enables them to open and close the shelter without obstructing the road for pedestrians at night. My idea is to create an affordable living space for people who are in need. My design constructed with hexagonal holes which let in light and ventilation.


Misfit Fruits LAB

2019 | Exhibition Design | Experience Design

The idea of Misfit Fruits LAB is to challenge people's attitudes towards misshapen food and investigate the notion of perfection and imperfection in relation to food. The work demonstrates interesting facts about misshapen fruits by focussing on all 5 Senses. “Misfit Fruits LAB” aims to educate people about new ways of consuming food products sustainably.


Creation of E-waste

2010 - 2013 | Electronic Wastes, LEDs

Inappropriately disposing of electronic wastes can emit harmful pollutants which damage the environment. My works are designed to upcycle electronic waste and gave it a new function, with the aim of making things useful again. During these three years, I collected electronic wastes and created household products to restore value to these items. Perhaps, I will continue to develop this work in future.


Bakery Hearts

2016 | Creative Promotional Campaign

This social enterprise has been run by the Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre in Singapore since 2010. They recruit women from low-income families and teach them baking and social skills. My work aimed to increase sales by attracting customers to tailor-made their cookies with a generator. My idea is to create a system that can custom make your cookies in 5 minutes.

User Interface & User Experience 

User Interface & User Experience 


Perfect Pitch

2019 | User Interface & User Experience Design

I worked for an app developing company. This project is called Perfect Pitch. It is an educational music app for everyone who wants to learn how to sing. Perfect Pitch helps you Learn+Practice, Train+Track, Anytime+Anywhere! I was responsible for the app interface, user experience, website and promotional materials design.

Publication Design
Typography Design

Publication Design



2018 | Publication | 200 x 200 mm

My work explores preconceptions by looking at how social media has shaped our thinking and perception of landmarks by providing an unrealistic, idealized picture of well-known tourist attractions. My work combines expectations with the reality of famous landmarks and examines the way we receive and process information through social media.


Visualising Future A.I. Scenarios

2020 | Publication

This brief relates to visualising future A.I. scenarios through speculating the adoption and implementation of artificial intelligence in UK professional service firms. I explored how Platform Domination in 2030 scenarios could be visualised by taking a form of publication, illustration and information design. I aimed to simplify a research paper and make it easy to read.


City Window 360° Book

2017 | Digital Fabrication & Publication

City Window was a collaborative project with a Japanese illustrator Yosuke Yamauchi and Lab by Dimension Plus. Our team designed a 360° book with a series of illustrations drawn by Yosuke Yamauchi. We held laser cutting and Coptic stitching bookbinding workshops to teach people how to create a 360° book using a laser cutter.


Victoria Line Typologies

2018 | Publication

This typologies publication documented a series of tiles’ design in Victoria Line. During my time in London, I discovered every station has a unique tile design. I collected images with the sequence of stations and presented a story. My project aimed to record people and objects at Victoria Line and illustrate the relationship between stations and travellers.

Typography Design


Akashi Typography

2015 | Posters, Magazine | A3, A4

Calligraphy is a unique combination of words, images and aesthetics. Akashi is a whisky brand in Japan founded in 1984. The concept of my project is to reflect the brand’s history through beautifully painted calligraphy works. By putting two words together to tell the dynamic story of the brand through the illustrations, the work aims to highlight the quality of Akashi.

Advertising Campaign

Advertising Campaign


New Balance Transforming Your Everyday

2018 | Repositioning Strategy

This project aims to evoke the idea of “you are more than just one ideal”. You have the power to transform yourself into two or more identities. I have taken 2 opposing environments like running in the outdoors and created a transition into a more casual social environment. By icorboating the element of the logo we have been able to reflect an almost magical ambience.


Martini Let's Make Time

2020 | Advertising Campaign

This project was to encourage people to choose time for friends during MARTINI TIME. The overall design problem was to create a brand experience that celebrates MARTINI’s campaign idea “Let’s Make Time” beyond the traditional advertising. I believe that Martini is a brand who celebrates the power and importance of quality time spent with close friends.


Marketing Campaigns

2019 - 2020 |  East Meets West Club

I worked as a graphic designer at an event management company during my time in London. I was responsible for designing websites, email newsletters, invitations, social media posts and assisting event set-up. My job was to help British corporates to reach Chinese audiences, include Berkeley Group, A. Lange & Söhne and Residential Land. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 11.47.32.png

Social Media Campaigns

2016 | CMRS Groups

During the semester break, I worked for a brand custodian group which enabled brand communication excellence in both digital and social media space. My position was a part-time graphic designer in the creative team working closely with the copywriters and the marketing team. My role focussed mainly on the visual content creation of social media and printed ads.

Character Design

Character Design


MTR Collaborative Project

2016 | Passenger Educational Campaign

It is a collaborative project with Mass Transit Railway (MTR). The objective of my project is to deliver a series of educational messages and provide safety information for the passengers. This project was a good opportunity for me to learn how to execute my ideas as  deliverables. I created a series of character designs, static images and storyboards.


Akashi Character Design

2015 | Brand Merchandising, 3D-Modeling

Character branding personalises the relationship between consumer and brand through the dynamic personality of a character. This character represents the brand’s service, enhances the products’ values and overall brand characteristics. The inspiration for my work came from the natural ingredients of the Akashi whisky: green plum, wheat and corn.

Digital Fabrication

Digital Fabrication

FullSizeRender 34.jpg

Digital Fabrication

2015 - 2017 | Lab by Dimension Plus

I completed a 2-year design internship at a digital fabrication laboratory in Hong Kong. I assisted in developing products with a laser cutter, preparing promotional materials, organising creative workshops and maintaining exhibition space. I developed a good sense of materials through exploring a variety of media, including  woods, acrylics, leathers, fabric and papers.


Coffee Stencil

2016 | Lab by Dimension Plus

In 2016, I worked at Lab by Dimension Plus, a design studio in Hong Kong. The founder co-founded a space called common room & co. The space was a combination of a maker space, gallery, coffee shop and book shop. We regularly organised creative workshops  around the themes and elements of the shop, like bookbinding. We designed an open design stencil for customers to customise their coffee with  a text or illustration.


Letterpress Mold Making

2017 | Lab by Dimension Plus

To explore the possibilities of laser cutting, I used acrylic to create a mold for the Adana Letterpress machine. I tried to combine new technology with a traditional letterpress machine. This mold making method allowed and encouraged people to turn their imagination into real items. Everyone could design and make their mold within an hour.


Card Wallet

2016 | Lab by Dimension Plus

This series of wallet designs are minimal, light and handy. The wallets can be made of any kind of laser cuttable materials. I chose polypropylene and washable kraft paper, which is durable and waterproof. I found myself greatly enjoying the product design process. My wallet is now an open-source file, which allows everyone to download and make their wallet.

8_Mini Table_Lamp_3.jpg

Mini Table Lamp

2018 | Lab by Dimension Plus

The Mini Table Lamp was designed to promote digital fabrication. We organised workshops and taught people how to use Adobe Illustrator and a Laser Cutter. During the workshop, we taught the whole process of laser-cutting, from designing to engraving and cutting. Participants learnt the basic skills of handling materials and how to create their mini table lamp.

Branding & Identity

Branding & Identity


Pan Kee Dried Seafood

2017 - 2021 | Branding and Packaging Design

I worked as a freelance graphic designer for a dried seafood company in Macau. Pan Kee Dried Seafood established in the 1960s, my job is to help the corporate reposition their brand and attract the younger generation. I was responsible for the corporate identity, offline materials, online materials, seasonal promotional materials and packaging design.


McDonald's Next

2020 - 2021 | Promotional Materials for Internal Event

During the pandemic, I returned to Hong Kong and joined the first McDonald’s concept restaurant in Admiralty Centre. My duty was to assist the concept store’s operation and design promotional materials for the internal events, such as 5th Anniversary Event.


Wedding Identity

2019 | Wedding Promotional Materials

Wedding is a special moment in life. I was glad to be invited by a newlywed couple to design a series of wedding materials for the ceremony, including wedding graphics, invitation and backdrop.




Walk With Me

2018 | 4” x 6” digital print photographs

The concept of my work is city explorer, I discovered hidden people and things in the community. Throughout my trips to Manor Park, I followed my sight and observed London differently. As a human, we have many limitations, we couldn’t break the wall, so I experimented photographing in a peeping angle. I tried to go beyond the wall through looking in a small gap.


Iceland Landscape Photography

2019 | Photographs

I am interested in photography and travelling. I love to record different places with my camera. I feel that landscape photography can capture the beautiful moment of my memory and experience.

Visual Diary & Illustration

Visual Diary & Illustration


Drawing & Painting

2014 - 2020 | Pencil Drawing

I see drawings as an expression of my feelings and a record of my observation. The themes of my drawings include animals, portraits, plaster sculpture, Zentangle and ink painting.


I don't know her name but I know her work

2017 | Cockatiel Prints on Japanese Paper | 297 x 420 mm

The concept of my work is a response to Margaret Calkin James’s Penguins (1935),  but with a cockatiel portrait print. The methodology of creating work today is different from 100 years ago. I was inspired by Calkin James’s simple, striking colour palette, geometrical style and repeat patterns. The patterns encouraged me to design with repetition and layers.

The Metamorphosis_5.jpg

Reading And Writing

2017 | Photocopy & illustration on paper

The concept of my work is to apply writing without writing techniques for a classic European Literature - The Metamorphosis. “As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect.” I explored different ideas, such as concrete poetry, blackout poetry and rearranging the words.


Visual Diary

2014 - 2020 | Drawing Paper, Sketch Books

My visual diaries store works that inspire me. They are where I keep my new ideas, my experiments and working developments. All my thought processes are recorded in my sketchbooks. I note my observations, imaginations, thoughts, experiences, experiments and knowledge. It is useful when I am organising my concepts.

Paper Engineering

Paper Engineering


Origami Workshop

2016 | Artist Collaborative Project

The Hong Kong Origami Society organised a workshop in 2016, teaching us methods and structures of paper folding. I learnt how to create different forms and shapes through origami. I found paper has many possibilities, it can change from 2D to 3D and carry objects that are heavier than its weight. I folded a nest for my cockatiel.  Cockatiels like to make their own nests, but I wanted  to create something special for them.


Origami Gown

2012 | Paper | 1200 x 500 x 300 mm

During my schooling in the HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, I was given the opportunity  to learn Japanese origami. This paper folding gown was made of various folding patterns. By repeating and joining the paper together, I formed a wearable garment. Through this exploration, I discovered the malleability of paper.


Body Extension

2020 | Paper & Fabric | Paper Engineering

Design for the future self project is about imagining myself in 50 years and creating a body extension design that can improve the quality of later life, for example, by preventing falling. I made a foldable textile pattern, which transforms into body protection to prevent serious injuries caused by a fall.

 Artist Collaborative Project

 Artist Collaborative Project

Project Moon

2012 | Artist Collaborative Project

We were invited by a shopping mall The Link to organise a traditional lantern workshop for the mid-autumn festival in Lok Fu Shopping Mall. Our school invited a traditional lantern master Paul Chan to teach us the skills of framing paper with bamboo strips and developing our work. After a month of training, we led a workshop teaching local residents to make a lantern.


Street Arts

2015 | Artist Collaborative Project

This was a two-week collaborative project with French street art artist, Sautel Cago, supported by a social enterprise Run Our City. We painted our illustration on a wall in a backstreet of Kwun Tong, Hong Kong. I learnt the different skills of using spray paint while I am drawing a cockatiel. After joining this workshop, I turned my perception of graffiti from negative to positive. I learned that Street Art can be something beautiful.




Project Campus

2017 | Competition organized by Cosmopolitan magazine

Project Campus was co-organized by Innisfree, PLAN International, United Overseas Bank and ete!. The whole competition took six months. Our team created four campaigns. We applied the advertising and marketing strategies that we learnt at university. It was a valuable experience for us to apply our knowledge in real life. 


Hong Kong Water Race 2016

2016 | Promotional Materials

This event was organised by Wofoo Social Enterprises, co-organized by the Water Supplies Department, and sponsored by HSBC. It strives to arouse public awareness of the water crisis through city orienteering. My job was to design promotional materials, including MTR lightbox, posters, leaflets, registration forms, the backdrop, a magazine and newspaper ads. 


The Future of Child Health

2016 | Hoarding, Poster | 150m x 2.4m

This work was commissioned by the National University Hospital Singapore and co-organized by Nanyang Polytechnic. The designs are for hoardings surrounding the construction site of NUHkids. The objective was to create illustrations which match NUHkids’ Vision and Mission. NUHkids’ four pillars include Social Responsibility, Education, Clinical Care and Research.

Animation & Videography

Animation & Videography

Portfolio 2018 Updating_Compressed.jpg


2014 | Animation | 30 seconds

Initiated and organised by Wofoo Social Enterprise, this animation aimed to promote a healthy diet in Hong Kong. I wanted to express warmth, love, care and positive emotion by showing a good family relationship and a healthy lifestyle. I learnt to use a storyboard to present my stories and to communicate important information like the position of the camera and the lighting.

Spatial Design

Spatial Design


Snail Voice

2016 | Exhibition Design

During my exchange studies in Singapore, I studied snails and appreciated the aesthetics of its spiral shape, pattern and structure. Snail Voice was an educational exhibition design for the Botanic Garden. The aim was to encourage people to slow down, explore and experience with different senses like a snail.

Portfolio 2018 Updatingg.jpg

Social Centre for Elderly

2013 | Cardboard, Bush, Plastic

There are over one hundred thousand elderly people who are living alone or as couples in Ngau Tau Kok. My project aimed to provide them with a social network and offer them public spaces. Thus, these elderly people would be able to participate in the social centre and organise activities. My design considered inclusive elements, including three long ramps for wheelchair users.


Environmental and Spatial Studies

2013 | Paper, Cardboard, Plastic

In recent years, family tragedy often happens in Tin Shui Wai, one of the highest destiny residential area in Hong Kong. Many new immigrants moved to that area and couldn't get enough support within society. Therefore, I wanted to optimise the facilities in that district which can bring activities and entertainment to those residents.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts


Into The Flood

2010 | Sun Son Theatre Taiwan


2010 School of Creativity Multi-media Theatre


Poetry Festival

2010 | Dramatic Virulence


2010 HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity


Drama Festival

2010 | Dramatic Virulence


2010 School of Creativity Multi-media Theatre



2011 | Creative Profession-Oriented Programme


2011 School of Creativity Multi-media Theatre


Offending The Audience

2011 | Creative Profession-Oriented Programme


2011 School of Creativity Multi-media Theatre


Beyond the Horizon

2011 | FM Theatre Power


2011 School of Creativity Multi-media Theatre

2011 Black Box Theatre Shanghai


One Hundred Years of Solitude 

2011 - 2012 | Zuni Icosahedron, Drama Box Singapore


2011 Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

2012 School of The Art Singapore

2012 Esplanade Theatre, Singapore


One Table Two Chairs

2012 | Zuni Icosahedron, School of The Art Singapore


2012 School of The Arts Singapore

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